Giving back is something we all know helps make the world a better place. But did you know it can also benefit the giver? 

Studies show that the warm and fuzzy feeling you get by donating, volunteering, or offering emotional support can boost your overall health and happiness. And during these challenging times, that’s something everyone can use a little more of. 

Here are five ways giving back is good for you. 

1. Greater Happiness 

One study  researched this idea by asking participants how much money they made, how they spent it, and how they would rate their happiness levels. The study found that, regardless of income, those who spent their money giving to others had higher happiness levels than those who spent money on themselves. 

Giving at any level led to greater happiness than not giving at all. Philanthropy is not just for the wealthy! 

2. Increased Physical Health 

Studies show that giving is associated with lower blood pressure, less depression, and lower stress levels. These benefits can lead to a stronger immune system and a longer life. Volunteering at a place like Habitat can also increase physical activity and improve cardiovascular health. 

3. Boost your Mental Health 

Giving is also shown to release “feel good” chemicals in our brains, such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. This release of endorphins produces the feeling known as a ‘helper’s high.’ 

4. Increased Self Esteem 

Giving back through donations and volunteering can increase self-confidence and give you a new purpose to life. 

5. Community 

Giving back can lead to a sense of community with others who share your values and passions. It can also result in a ripple effect of generosity that inspires others to do the same. 

I love helping volunteer

According to WalletHub, Wisconsin is known as one of the  most charitable states  in the country. By comparing states across 19 key indicators of charitable behavior, we were ranked #18 in 2020. Wisconsinites lead in how much money they give and how much time they spend volunteering. 

Habitat for Humanity Fond du Lac County is so grateful for all our supporters who give back through  donations  or  volunteering. Thank you for making an impact on so many families in our community – your mind and body might thank you, too!